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Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies


The L.M. Montgomery Institute is delighted to announce the launch of the Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies, the first journal dedicated to Montgomery. The Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies will be a refereed, open access digital space. It will publish intriguing, highly original, rigorously researched scholarship on all aspects of L.M. Montgomery’s life, influences, creative work, and legacy. We welcome interdisciplinary and international authors and readers, including Montgomery scholars and the broad community of Montgomery enthusiasts. 

Selected papers based on “L.M. Montgomery and Reading” 2018 conference presentations will be the first to appear in this new journal. The first round of conference-inspired papers will be accepted starting from September 1, 2018. After this date, the journal will have a continuous publication schedule and will be accepting submissions year-round. While we will be encouraging traditional peer-reviewed article submissions, we’ll also be accepting peer-reviewed audio/visual art and creative writing, as well as non-peer-reviewed scholarship including interviews, presentations, notes, and notices. We’ll be open to other possibilities too and the editors look forward to seeing the creativity and ingenuity of the Montgomery community. 

The LMMI is particularly pleased to announce the journal’s editorial board. Jane Urquhart is our honorary patron whom we celebrate for her championing of Montgomery on the national and international stages. For their pioneering work on Montgomery’s life and works, we honour Elizabeth Waterston, Mary Rubio, Elizabeth Epperly as honorary editors. Kate Scarth, Chair of L.M. Montgomery Studies at UPEI, and Emily Woster, current Visiting Scholar at the L.M. Montgomery Institute, are editor and co-editor, respectively. They will be working with a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary, international team of editors with Laura Robinson and Jean Mitchell at the forefront as consulting editors. The full editorial board of the Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies is as follows:

Honorary Patron:

Jane Urquhart

Honorary Editors:

Elizabeth Waterston, Mary Rubio, Elizabeth Epperly


Kate Scarth


Emily Woster

Consulting Editors:

Jean Mitchell

Laura Robinson

Editorial Board:

Yoshiko Akamatsu, Balaka Basu, Poushali Bhadury, Holly Blackford, Rita Bode, Mary Beth Cavert, Lesley Clement, Carolyn Collins, Melanie Fishbane, Sarah Galletly, Irene Gammel, Carole Gerson, Marah Gubar, Caroline Jones, Yuka Kajihara-Nolan, Deirdre Kessler, Jane Ledwell, Jenny Litster, Simon Lloyd, Alexander MacLeod, Andrea McKenzie, Idette Noome, Tara Parmiter, Holly Pike, Joe Sutliff Sanders, Margaret Steffler, Åsa Warnqvist, Lorraine York 

For more information, see the journal’s scope statement or contact the journal editor, Dr. Kate Scarth ( and co-editor, Dr. Emily Woster (